Welcome to Assurance Residential — Gilbert Diaz. We believe in providing quality services when we are needed, and we do it all while working closely with insurance companies. Our team of roofing specialists provides timely, well-budgeted results that delight our clients each and every time.

Quality roofing is about providing peace of mind, security, and comfort to local homeowners. We live for the looks on our clients’ faces when they find out their insurance is going to cover the cost of their new roof. As their stress levels drop and the weight on their shoulders lift, we are able to offer them an amazing experience. Leave your headache behind and enjoy that staying-on-budget feeling as our professionals install a new roof or repair your current one.

Why choose us? We have customers who are just like you — worried about insurance, concerned about the time it takes for a new roof, and reluctant to go into debt about a roof. But our goal is to help you get your insurance to cover the costs, and we do this each and every day. With more than 12 years of experience in the roofing industry, we have the best tools in the trade and experience to match. We always do our best because we treat your roof like our roof. Get in touch now for your free roofing inspection.