When your roof decides it is no longer for this world, it’s time to take action. Maybe you’ve found stray shingles in your yard after a particularly strong windstorm, or perhaps you’ve found that there is a growing wet spot on the wall upstairs. No matter what tipped you off, your roof is in need of some serious help. We are the team to call.

At Assurance Residential, we work closely with our clients and their insurance companies. After all, your insurance company is there to cover expenses like new roofing. We want your insurance to pay as much as possible, if not covering the costs altogether. Rest easy and remain confident that you’re in good hands. Not only will we work with your insurance, but we’ll also provide a personal project manager so you have someone to go to with questions, concerns, and update requests.

From the flashing to the shingles, repairs, and replacements, we do it all to keep our clients happy. More than 12 years of roofing installation experience has given us the necessary knowledge and tools to get the job done. Our passion for providing quality services and products is just the icing on top. Get in touch with us today to schedule your roofing inspection and learn more about our how we’ll keep your roof in the best possible condition for decades to come through our Golden Pledge Warranty. We’ll talk to you soon!