At Assurance Residential, we believe in doing what is best by our customers. Gilbert Diaz specializes in listening to the needs of local residents and coming up with the best course of action. Allow us to help you with the following.

Roofing Replacements
Roofs age and begin to lose their effectiveness over time. If a storm blows through, the damage on your roof could be quite serious. Let us help. We offer free roofing inspections so you can come up with a plan moving forward. If we determine that a replacement is the best course of action, we’ll handle talking to your insurance company for you to hopefully get it covered.

Roofing Repairs
Even the best-constructed roofs can become damaged over time. If you find a leak or a storm pulls a few shingles off, don’t worry. Our team provides lasting roofing repairs that will keep your roof in top condition for as long as possible. If you don’t need a full roof replacement, we’ll get the repairs done and be on our way. Get in touch to learn more and receive your free roof inspection.

One of the main reasons homeowners ignore their roofing concerns is they aren’t sure they can afford the repairs. At Assurance Residential, we do our best to work with your insurance company to agree on a rate. Many of our clients end up paying very little, if anything, to us after insurance provides their share.

We set you up for success. Protect your home by investing in your roof with Gilbert Diaz and Assurance Residential.